Centre for Molecular Biochemical Engineering Launch Event / MoBioC 2022 Seminar Series: Prof. Cameron Alexander (University of Nottingham)

Image: Prof. Alexander
Prof. Alexander

Date: 19 January 2022   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

The launch event for the seminar series of the Centre for Molecular Biochemical Engineering will be on Wednesday 19th January. On this occasion, Prof. Cameron Alexander will present work from his group at the interface between macromolecular design, the chemistry of precision therapeutics and their application to the biomedical field.

"Polymers as Biomedical Probes and Therapeutics – from Oncology to Vaccines"

Polymers have been widely used in medicine, from coatings for tablets through to implants and prosthetics. Their functionality can be further exploited to probe biological processes in situ, and to act as carriers for drugs, genes and cells. The talk will cover some recent advances from our labs, and also discuss some of the challenges that remain in taking these materials out of laboratory assays and into patients.

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