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November 2021

Vector-RNA Interactome and Competitive Binding

New insights into the design of RNA delivery vectors

8 November 2021

What happens to gene delivery vectors when they enter the cell cytoplasm? This question had remained understudied, in particular in the case of polycationic vectors. Yet it may have a significant impact on the timing and localisation of the release of RNA or DNA molecules to be delivered. [ more … ]

Prof. Alexander

MoBioC Launch Announced!

7 November 2021

The launch event for the Centre for Molecular Biochemical Engineering will be on Wednesday 19th January. On this occasion, Prof. Cameron Alexander will present work from his group at the interface between macromolecular design, the chemistry of precision therapeutics and their application to the biomedical field. [ more … ]

MoBioC 2022 Seminar Series

The programme for the MoBioC 2022 seminar series is out!

5 November 2021

In parallel to the launch of our Centre for Molecular Biochemical Engineering, we are launching the MoBioC seminar series for 2022. We have a fantastic line up of speakers. Join us! [ more … ]