The programme for the MoBioC 2022 seminar series is out!

5 November 2021

MoBioC 2022 Seminar Series
MoBioC 2022 Seminar Series

In parallel to the launch of our Centre for Molecular Biochemical Engineering, we are launching the MoBioC seminar series for 2022. We have a fantastic line up of speakers. Join us!

MoBioC 2022 Seminar Series

  • 19th January - Prof. Cameron Alexander (University of Nottingham)
  • 16th February - Dr Andela Saric (University College London)
  • 2nd March - Prof. Thomas Hermans (Universite de Strasbourg)
  • 6th April - Prof. Steve Armes (University of Sheffield)
  • 13th April - Prof. Carsten Werner (Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research)
  • 4th May - Prof. Lynne Regan (University of Edinburgh)

Details will follow shortly.

Contact: Julien Gautrot

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